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Pussywillow: Stevenson, Alabama; Jan 9, 2010

A crop of pussywillows on Mud Creek in Stevenson, Alabama, if I recall correctly, during last winter's big freeze

Here is a post from last January’s big freeze.  You can still see some of the lingering snow.  I think this was taken at the boat dock by Aunt Bea’s Barbecue (formerly Bud’s).  I believe that area is known as Mud Creek, thought it might be Crow Creek.  I don’t fish & have rarely ventured farther than the barbecue when I get over that way.

I know I labeled this one cropped, but I don’t remember what else I did with it.  It would have been taken with my cell phone (which is a Samsung something or other, if anyone is curious).

BTW, I named this in honor of the fabulous John Water’s movie, Serial Mom.  You know what I’m referring to if you’ve seen it.  I actually think those are cattails.  No idea why it always makes me think of “pussywillow”.


Viadock View: Stevenson, Alabama; Jan 13, 2010

View of the railroad tracks from the viadock in Stevenson, Alabama.
Viadock View

This photo is from Winter 2010.  It was taken from the viadock and is the view of the railroad tracks going into town.

It is mostly untouched, but I did add a bit more light too it & cooled the tone down a hair.  It was taken with the camera on my cell phone I think.

Sequatchie Concrete: Stevenson, Alabama; Jan 21, 2011

Sequatchie Concrete facility in Stevenson, Alabama, winter 2011.
Sequatchie Concrete

Another untouched sunset photo.  I liked the golden hue of this one.  I was torn between this one & another one with the Sequatchie Concrete Service more in silhouette, so I posted the other one below.  It is also untouched.  There’s a lot of timing to good photos.

FYI: For those interested, the name comes from the name of the valley we are in, Sequatchie Valley.  As to the origin of the name, from History of Tennessee Land in the Sequatchie Valley, “The valley was named for the Cherokee Chief, Sequachee, who signed a treaty with the colonial government of South Carolina. Historians who have studied to language and lore of the Cherokee differ over the exact meaning of the word, but the general consensus is ‘opossum, he grins or runs.'” (more…)

Trees At Sunset: Stevenson, Alabama; Jan 21, 2011

Silhouette of a tree against the sunset skyline in Stevenson, Alabama, winter 2011.
Trees At Sunset


More trees!  This one has no touch ups to it at all.  What’s really interesting about it, to me, is that this is the same shot as Old Shed & Trucks, just taken with the camera at a different angle to the sun.  Looks totally different.

Sequatchie Concrete: Stevenson, Alabama; Jan 21, 2011


The rusty, locked gates of Sequatchie Concrete in Stevenson, Alabama.
Locked Out

The rusty, locked gates of Sequatchie Concrete.  They run when needed for a local job.

Dead End: Stevenson, Alabama; Jan 21, 2011

dead end sign & other road signs on a country road in Stevenson, Alabama.
Dead End

Just one of the roads around here.  I think the appeal of this one for me is the way the colors of the signs pop against the drab winter background.  Sometimes the way they butcher trees for the power lines makes me sad:~/  I think one of those tree trimmers used to do my hair.

Old Shed & Trucks: Stevenson, Alabama; Jan 21, 2011

An old shed & truck outside of town in Stevenson, Alabama.
Old Shed & Trucks

This is behind a home just down the road from me.  I never noticed it, but with the sun over it that day, I thought it would make a great shot.  It did!  (At least I think so.)  It feels really authentic to rural life.  This shot just needed a teensy bit of shadow to bring the ditch area in the foreground out a bit, & add more depth.

Right On: Stevenson, Alabama; Jan 15, 2011


View of the winter sunset from across highway 72 in Stevenson, Alabama during all the snow in 2011.
Right On

More snow, the last of these I’ll post.  I think the colors of the sunset turned out pretty well in this one.  I hit it with a little light to bring the colors out a little more & I warmified it.  Turned out pretty true to what I saw.

Reach For the Sky: Stevenson, Alabama; Jan 15, 2011

A tree against the sky in the snow during the winter of 2011 in Stevenson, Alabama.
Reach For the Sky

Another tree.  I loved the colors in this one too.  And how the tree looked like it was reaching out to touch the one spot in the sky showing evidence of sun.

I hit this one with just a touch of highlight to bring out the sun on the clouds & a little shadow to darken the trees & increase their silhouette quality.  I sharpened it a little too, to bring out the detail in the branches.

Neighbor’s Snow: Stevenson, Alabama; Jan 15, 2011

My uncle's boat & truck parked in the snow in the winter of 2011 in Stevenson, Alabama.
Neighbor’s Snow

I loved the red truck in the middle of all this snow, dead leaves, & naked trees.  And the rarity of so much snow around, as well as the usual winter sight of bare trees.

I love trees.  Who doesn’t?  A friend once took me for a drive to look at the naked winter trees.  She said her dad told her winter was the best time to look at trees, because you can really see their shape & branches; their bones.  It stuck with me.

I used sharpen on this one to bring out more of the details in the bark & the leaves.  I liked it when I was working on it, but now seeing it here I’m unsure.  But I think I was going for a more sharp, stark look.  I know I played around with glow & soft focus, but it all made it too dreamy & pretty.  This is a very real photo & I wanted a bit of grit to it.

One more… (more…)