Killing time in small town Alabama

Sunset Stop Sign: Stevenson, Alabama; Jan 15, 2011


a stop sign standing alone in the snow against the sunset over the trees
Sunset Stop Sign

Was glad to finally get out in all this snow we’ve had & get some pics.  I took a few while driving – which I do not recommend btw.  I wasn’t technically driving when I took this one though, since I was appropriately stopped.

Was trying to capture the gorgeous pinks & purples of the sunset, but didn’t quite get it.  I was able to pull it out some more in editing, but the real thing was 100x better.  Did fiddle with some settings on my camera last night & made some tweaks that will hopefully go a long way towards capturing truer colors.

For contrast, here’s the unedited original.  What do you think of the changes?


original version of the stop sign against the sunset in Stevenson, Alabama during the big snow of Winter 2011.
Sunset Stop Sign orig

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