Killing time in small town Alabama

Neighbor’s Snow: Stevenson, Alabama; Jan 15, 2011

My uncle's boat & truck parked in the snow in the winter of 2011 in Stevenson, Alabama.
Neighbor’s Snow

I loved the red truck in the middle of all this snow, dead leaves, & naked trees.  And the rarity of so much snow around, as well as the usual winter sight of bare trees.

I love trees.  Who doesn’t?  A friend once took me for a drive to look at the naked winter trees.  She said her dad told her winter was the best time to look at trees, because you can really see their shape & branches; their bones.  It stuck with me.

I used sharpen on this one to bring out more of the details in the bark & the leaves.  I liked it when I was working on it, but now seeing it here I’m unsure.  But I think I was going for a more sharp, stark look.  I know I played around with glow & soft focus, but it all made it too dreamy & pretty.  This is a very real photo & I wanted a bit of grit to it.

One more…

A snow covered tractor shed in Stevenson, Alabama during the winter of 2011.
Tractor Shed

I don’t know.  I liked this one.  I really liked it.  I wanted to love it, but just couldn’t get it there.  There is still something beautiful about it.  Maybe it’s because it’s the family tractor shed & that’s my grandmother’s roof in the background?  Or the colors.  I loved all the muted colors with the snow & the winter haze of the sky.

I played with the light on this one just a touch; just to bring out the sky a bit.  I did use the soft focus on this one, but with the focus area as wide as it would go & the softness turned down.  Basically just a little fade in the corners, nothing I think you’d notice if you didn’t know it was there.


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