Killing time in small town Alabama

Pussywillow: Stevenson, Alabama; Jan 9, 2010

A crop of pussywillows on Mud Creek in Stevenson, Alabama, if I recall correctly, during last winter's big freeze

Here is a post from last January’s big freeze.  You can still see some of the lingering snow.  I think this was taken at the boat dock by Aunt Bea’s Barbecue (formerly Bud’s).  I believe that area is known as Mud Creek, thought it might be Crow Creek.  I don’t fish & have rarely ventured farther than the barbecue when I get over that way.

I know I labeled this one cropped, but I don’t remember what else I did with it.  It would have been taken with my cell phone (which is a Samsung something or other, if anyone is curious).

BTW, I named this in honor of the fabulous John Water’s movie, Serial Mom.  You know what I’m referring to if you’ve seen it.  I actually think those are cattails.  No idea why it always makes me think of “pussywillow”.


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