Killing time in small town Alabama

Sunset Slide: Stevenson, Alabama; Jan 2011

A sunset pic of the Stevenson Park playground on the hill by the pool; taken in Stevenson, Alabama winter 2011.
Sunset Slide

I’m back!  Here I offer you a pic of the upper playground of the Stevenson City Park, by the pool.  This was taken a couple of weeks ago, so late January.  I like all the color they’ve used repainting everything.  Here we have a bright red slide, red benches, a green bench, & a blue trash can with a green top.  Too bad they painted the pool house & community buildings gray & white, instead of the lovely yellow they were when I spent my summers there.  I got a pic of the community building I’ll post below.

Being sick got me off my posting, so getting back to it I’ve decided to go au naturel with my pics.  I think I’ve got some good ones that don’t need it anyway.  Yay!

The community building at the Stevenson City Park in Stevenson Alabama, taken winter 2011.
Yellow Was Better

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