Killing time in small town Alabama

April 27, 2011 Tornadoes in the Stevenson, Alabama area

Jericho Road Home in Stevenson Hit By April 27th Tornado

Jericho Road Home in Stevenson Hit By April 27th Tornado

I currently have 168 photos in a public Facebook album.  You do not need a Facebook account to view them.  This is the most dramatic, but there are several areas cordoned off to looky-loos like me.  (Due to privacy concerns I have changed the privacy settings on the album.  If you are interested in seeing them, you can comment below with your email or email me at the link in the sidebar.  I can still send you a link to view the album without you having a fb account.  My fb acct is privacy locked, but after my link had a #1 ranking on Google for a while I got nervous with the amount of traffic the album was getting.  I never thought it would be that popular & had only made the public album for family who did not have fb but wanted to see what happened here.  This blog is usually lucky if it gets hits in the double digits for one day, lol.  Sorry for any inconvenience.)

April 27th Tornado Damage In Stevenson, Alabama

Also, please share your own links in the comments or share your own storm story if you like.  There doesn’t seem to be much news out there about our area, so might as well make our own:~)

~As I have gotten out of my neighborhood, some homeowners have asked me not to take pictures.  Just want to say I respect their right to privacy 100%, especially at a time like this.  If you see a picture of your home or property you would like removed, you can contact me here to let me know which pictures you would like me to take down.  This started as my private facebook album of what happened at my place, but has grown due to people asking for information on our area since we have received very little attention. My intentions with this have been in no way sensational or disrespectful, & I’m certainly not getting anything out of this (unless you have a chainsaw big enough to get the tree out of my driveway). Just trying to give the people of this area, from this area, & otherwise concerned about this area a little bit of the information they are seeking. Thanks!~


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