Killing time in small town Alabama

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Raptured: Kimball, Tennessee: June 13, 2011

A pair of shoes left empty in a parking lot after the  May 21st rapture was supposed to have happened.Raptured


The End of Your Rope: Bridgeport, Alabama: May 5, 2011

An index card taped to a wall with a quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt, "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot & hang on."The End of Your Rope

This note-card was hung up at the armory where the shelter/donation/assistance area was set-up after the April 27th tornadoes.

Wildflowers: Stevenson, Alabama: August 8, 2011

A stem with two small five petaled wildflowers with purple centers growing on the nature trail.Wildflowers

What Lies Ahead: Ft. Payne, Alabama: September 3, 2011

Photo of an wooden elevated walking path in the woods leading to a gazebo partial hidden by trees.What Lies Ahead

Desoto State Park

Sunset Creek: Stevenson, Alabama: March 18, 2011

A fiery sunset reflected in Mud Creek, setting behind the mountains in the background.Sunset Creek

Kickin’ Back: Ft. Payne, Alabama: September 3, 2011

A large massive layered rock covered in lichen & moss, slightly resembling someone leaned back on their elbow.Kickin’ Back

Desoto State Park

No Thanks, I’m Stuffed: Ft. Payne, Alabama: September 3, 2011

A taxidermy opossum "climbing" a tree inside the demonstration room of the state park.No Thanks, I’m Stuffed

Desoto State Park

Group Hug: Ft. Payne, Alabama: September 3, 2011

A wooded trail in the state park where a massive rock juts in between two tall trees.Group Hug

Desoto State Park

Clouded Sunset: Stevenson, Alabama: March 16, 2011

The water front at sunset, trees & the bank silhoutted against the cloudy sky with pale sunlight shining through the clouds & softly reflecting on the water.Clouded Sunset

Dead Inside: Ft. Payne, Alabama: September 3, 2011

A fallen, hollow, slight burned looking tree with leaves laying inside it.Dead Inside

Desoto State Park