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Hick’s Grocery: Stevenson, Alabama: July 23, 2012

An old, closed down, small neighborhood grocery with bars on the window & the windows broken out.Hick’s Grocery

I’m not sure when this store closed.  Maybe in the 90’s.  We used to stop here a lot when I was a kid.  I got a lot of banana Laffy Taffy & chocolate footballs there, along with the occasional Three Musketeers until I realized as much as I loved them they made me sick.  Once on the way to daycare my mom stopped here & bought a can of fruit cocktail for our snack.  I have no idea why, but that memory has always stuck in my head.  I must have been about 3yo.

Taken with my Canon & edited for light & color.


The Little House: Stevenson, Alabama: July 23, 2012

A small house on the corner streets of an older neighborhood in Stevenson, Alabama.The Little House

I don’t have much to say about this photo.  It’s a little house, cute with rose bushes on the side.  I always notice it when I drive by.  I can tell you that sidewalk is newish.  When I was young & riding my bike around town there was no sidewalk.  When a car came by you just had to get in the ditch.  It sucked.  I’m glad they put in the sidewalk because a lot of people walk that road.  The grocery store, drug store, & bank are all passed here down the road, & behind me at the other end of the road is public housing.

This was taken with my Canon & is unedited.

Mannequins: Scottsboro, Alabama: June 21, 2010

A couple of mannequin display busts in a thrift store.Mannequins

I didn’t make a note about where this was, but I’m sure it was Unclaimed Baggage in Scottsboro (they have Hoggle!).  I thought this pic was interesting, even if I guess it is a bit of a departure from most of my small town & nature pics.  Side note, I grew up watching Star Trek with my dad & can remember so clearly my excitement when the first Star Trek movie was coming on television.  These remind me of the bald lady in that movie, Ilia, especially the one in the back.  The front one looks disdainful.  I’m pretty sure she thinks she’s better than me.

Taken with my Canon & edited slightly for lighting & warmth.

Tony’s Service Station: Stevenson, Alabama: August 21, 2012

Local service station in Stevenson, Alabama.Tony’s Service Station

Growing up this was a gas station & you could run a tab.  Of course gas was under a dollar back then.  Around ’91 he got rid of the gas & shut down for a while as I recall.  He eventually opened it back up as just a service.  It is the quintessential service station of the little rural towns not neat, not clean, & men gather there to hang out & gossip like the hens we all know they are.  I took this from the parking lot of my doctor’s office.

This was taken with my Samsung cell phone, & it was cropped with the light & color touched up.

Door to Nowhere: Stevenson, Alabama: June 18, 2012

An old, white wooden door broken at the bottom in a red brick wall with an electric box nearby.Door to Nowhere

Another picture downtown.  Not much to say about it other than the door goes into a burned out building.  It’s on the side of the building I published Monday.

Taken with my Canon & edited for light & color.

Long View: Stevenson, Alabama: June 18, 2012

View down the sidewalk of downtown Stevenson, Alabama.Long View

A view down the sidewalk of the downtown Stevenson.  When I was a kid, mid-late 70’s, it was full & busy.  Now, most of the buildings are empty, or seem that way.  Some of them look like they have something in them, but not a shop or anything open to the public.  The first shop there is one of those.  Something is in there, but I don’t know what.  Next to that is a computer repair shop.  It used to be a photography studio until the owner died.  That’s where I had my senior pictures taken.  Next to that, where the Pepsi sign & washing machine are is a thrift store.  Up until some time in the 90’s it was a drug store with an ice cream counter in it.  I loved that place (for the ice cream, not the drugs).  My favorite flavor was butter pecan.  Later I came to appreciate orange sherbet, especially in a float with Sprite.  mmmmm.  In the summer when we lived near town, I used to roller skate there, get some ice cream, & sit in the gazebo across the street to eat it.

Taken with my Canon & edited to fix the lighting & color a bit.

Backside of the Street: Stevenson, Alabama: June 18, 2012

Backside of the some burned out, overgrown buildings in downtown Stevenson, Alabama.Backside of the Street

I’ve been doing a lot of nature & park pics lately, so I decided to do all pics around town this week.

This is the backside of a building downtown.  You can see it’s been burned out & let go.  I had walked through back there before but never paid any attention to it.  I knew there were apartments above the shops with steps from the sidewalk, but had never seen the back staircases.  I kind of wanted to go up there, but the stairway was rather narrow, plus the whole burned out, let go, & overgrown thing scared me.

It was taken with my Canon & I edited a little fixing the lighting & warming up the color.

Skyward: Stevenson, Alabama: March 16, 2011

Skeletong trees on the bank of Mud Creek at Stevenson City Park.  It is a late winter afternoon, the sun is shining behind dimly behind the clouds washing thetm out, giving the water a faint golden tint, & leaving the trees in silhouette.Skyward

This is another shot of a picture I used recently.  The subject is the same, but the light is whiter, bleaker.  Friends have been atwitter about Halloween coming up, so this felt very apropos for that.  I this was taken with my Canon at the Stevenson City Park, & is unedited.

Submerged: Stevenson, Alabama: September 6, 2011

The park boat dock The boat dock at the Stevenson City Park is submerged following heavy rain.  Lilly pads, river weed, & flotsam have floated up & caught against the side.submerged following heavy rain.  Lily pads, river weed, & flotsam have floated up & caught against the side.Submerged

This is the boat dock at the Stevenson City Park following a heavy rain.  I took it with my Canon, & it was cropped & warmed.


Hidden Path: Ft. Payne, Alabama: Sept 3, 2011

A path over a large, flat rock surface that leads into an area hidden from view by low hanging, leafy branches at Desoto State Park.Hidden Path

This was taken on a trail at Desoto State Park.  I used my Canon digital camera & the only editing I did was warmed up the color a bit.