Killing time in small town Alabama

Tony’s Service Station: Stevenson, Alabama: August 21, 2012

Local service station in Stevenson, Alabama.Tony’s Service Station

Growing up this was a gas station & you could run a tab.  Of course gas was under a dollar back then.  Around ’91 he got rid of the gas & shut down for a while as I recall.  He eventually opened it back up as just a service.  It is the quintessential service station of the little rural towns not neat, not clean, & men gather there to hang out & gossip like the hens we all know they are.  I took this from the parking lot of my doctor’s office.

This was taken with my Samsung cell phone, & it was cropped with the light & color touched up.


One response

  1. Rayburn C Hall

    That station was there when I lived in Stevenson back in the 60’s. I wish I could remember what kind it was back then. Cecil Wells ran a station on the corner of 72 and 117,and there was a Texaco across the road from the Gulf. Coming from Bridgeport, a road split off 72 and went into Stevenson, I believe it was a Phillips 66 station that sat on that corner.

    September 27, 2012 at 6:05 am

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