Killing time in small town Alabama


Last year I moved back to my hometown of Stevenson, Alabama.  I also bought a new camera.  This year I decided to make the best of both.  Stevenson is in the northeast corner of Alabama on the Tennessee River & Lake Guntersville, & in the foothills of the Appalachians.  Not a whole lot going on here, but it’s a beautiful area & gets all four seasons.

Amateur photographer & avid crocheter/crafter.  I sell my work online & at local markets, & thought practicing my photo skills would be a good idea.  I also have a cat.  & I get bored.  A lot.

Here’s some info on the camera I currently use:

Nikon Coolpix S3000

photo from

I have a pink Nikon Coolpix S3000, purchased for it’s recommended ability to capture the color & detail of my crafted items.  So far, so good; I’ve been very pleased with it.

It has 12.0MP & 4x Wide-angle Zoom-NIKKOR Glass Lens, & plenty of other features I’m not sure about:~)  I really need to get on reading the book that came with it.

I have figured out to use the macro feature when snapping my goods.  Oh, & slowing down on the trigger so the camera can work it’s automagic on the image.  Patience is one of the many virtues I lack… but I’ve ended up with some interesting photos that way.

In the digital darkroom I primarily use Picasa free photo editing software for these shots, since I mainly just do a few touch-ups on them.  For more involved projects, I use GIMP, another free image editing download.  It has a lot of powerful features along the lines of Photoshop.  Picasa on the other hand has a simpler purpose &  more streamlined interface, so far more navigable & intuitive.  But those are just my 2c.  My background image was done in Picasa using light & shadow adjustments, sepia tone, warmify, & a graduated tint to darken the top enough for the title & tagline to show up.

So this blog is my practice space, where I hope to learn & grow, & show a little bit about the corner of the world I call home.  I welcome all questions, comments, & constructive criticism.  My work is protected under a creative commons license & you may use it for noncommercial purposes with proper credit.  More details are on the side bar, or by clicking the link.



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