Killing time in small town Alabama


No Rush: Scottsboro, Alabama: June 10, 2014


No Rush


Butterfly Wing: Scottsboro, Alabama: May 17, 2014

Butterfly Wing

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Right On: Stevenson, Alabama; Jan 15, 2011


View of the winter sunset from across highway 72 in Stevenson, Alabama during all the snow in 2011.
Right On

More snow, the last of these I’ll post.  I think the colors of the sunset turned out pretty well in this one.  I hit it with a little light to bring the colors out a little more & I warmified it.  Turned out pretty true to what I saw.

Reach For the Sky: Stevenson, Alabama; Jan 15, 2011

A tree against the sky in the snow during the winter of 2011 in Stevenson, Alabama.
Reach For the Sky

Another tree.  I loved the colors in this one too.  And how the tree looked like it was reaching out to touch the one spot in the sky showing evidence of sun.

I hit this one with just a touch of highlight to bring out the sun on the clouds & a little shadow to darken the trees & increase their silhouette quality.  I sharpened it a little too, to bring out the detail in the branches.

Neighbor’s Snow: Stevenson, Alabama; Jan 15, 2011

My uncle's boat & truck parked in the snow in the winter of 2011 in Stevenson, Alabama.
Neighbor’s Snow

I loved the red truck in the middle of all this snow, dead leaves, & naked trees.  And the rarity of so much snow around, as well as the usual winter sight of bare trees.

I love trees.  Who doesn’t?  A friend once took me for a drive to look at the naked winter trees.  She said her dad told her winter was the best time to look at trees, because you can really see their shape & branches; their bones.  It stuck with me.

I used sharpen on this one to bring out more of the details in the bark & the leaves.  I liked it when I was working on it, but now seeing it here I’m unsure.  But I think I was going for a more sharp, stark look.  I know I played around with glow & soft focus, but it all made it too dreamy & pretty.  This is a very real photo & I wanted a bit of grit to it.

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Holding Out For Spring: Stevenson, Alabama; Jan 15, 2011


Tall grasses riding out the big snow in the winter of 2011 in Stevenson, Alabama.
Holding Out For Spring

Another shot I really love.  I took a few of these & this one came out just the way I want it (as far as the composition goes; it still got a bit of editing to bring out the color & lines).  The partially melted away snow made a lovely backdrop for these plants.

These were also lining the driveway by the barbwire fence I posted the other day.

Out of Focus Study: Stevenson, Alabama; January 15, 2011


Shop Rite

county road sigh & utility pole/lines on the roadside, slightly blurry, during the snow of winter 2011 in Stevenson, Alabama.

Drive By

This is one of the pics I took while I was driving – very slowly of course, so it was rushed.  The movement & the lack of time for the camera to focus properly gave me this.  I think it looks kind of arty & cool.

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Barbwire In Winter: Stevenson, Alabama; Jan 15, 2011


sparse brush lining a barbwire fence around a snowy field in winter in Stevenson, Alabama.
Barbwire In Winter

Not much to say about this one.  Another shot of all the snow we got last week on the first day I could really get out.  This fence is around a hayfield by our house.  You are looking through the fence from our driveway into the field.

Looking at it now, I wish I had gotten a shot with the focus on the barbs instead of the plants lining the fence.

Sunset Stop Sign: Stevenson, Alabama; Jan 15, 2011


a stop sign standing alone in the snow against the sunset over the trees
Sunset Stop Sign

Was glad to finally get out in all this snow we’ve had & get some pics.  I took a few while driving – which I do not recommend btw.  I wasn’t technically driving when I took this one though, since I was appropriately stopped.

Was trying to capture the gorgeous pinks & purples of the sunset, but didn’t quite get it.  I was able to pull it out some more in editing, but the real thing was 100x better.  Did fiddle with some settings on my camera last night & made some tweaks that will hopefully go a long way towards capturing truer colors. (more…)

Downtown Stevenson, Alabama; Jan 20, 2007

shop dog in downtown Stevenson, Alabama
Downtown Doggy

I don’t know if he was supposed to be guarding the antiques & junk in this shop, but he was only mildly interested in my presence.  Nobody was going to get that rug he was laying on at any rate. 

All of these pics were taken with an old camera I no longer own.  I believe it was a Kodak digital of some sort; similar to what I have now. I don’t think any of these pics were edited at all.  More pics behind the click! (more…)