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He Never Lets Me Drive: Stevenson, Alabama: April 5, 2013


I found this sad looking pup watching me from the next car at the pharmacy last week.  He never even barked or lifted his head when I got out & walked by, or when I went back to take his picture.


Downtown Stevenson, Alabama; Jan 20, 2007

shop dog in downtown Stevenson, Alabama
Downtown Doggy

I don’t know if he was supposed to be guarding the antiques & junk in this shop, but he was only mildly interested in my presence.  Nobody was going to get that rug he was laying on at any rate. 

All of these pics were taken with an old camera I no longer own.  I believe it was a Kodak digital of some sort; similar to what I have now. I don’t think any of these pics were edited at all.  More pics behind the click! (more…)