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Evening Colors: Stevenson, Alabama: February 27, 2012

A cloudy sky full of sunset colors reflected in Mud Creek.  Mountains the background with the silhouettes of a sign & pipe in the foreground.Evening Colors


Fight Back: Stevenson, Alabama: February 27, 2012

A setting sun shining over Mud Creek with dark clouds closing in from the top right corner.Fighting Back

I’m Still Here: Stevenson, Alabama: February 28, 2012

A yellow dandelion is poking out of a ground cover of fallen leaves.I’m Still Here

Now Casting: Stevenson, Alabama: February 27, 2012

An evening sky with mountains the background of Mud Creek.  Two men are fishing from the boat dock.Now Casting

On Golden Creek: Stevenson, Alabama: February 27, 2012

Evening sky with the sun setting just over the tops of some mountains behind Mud Creek.  The sky is cloudy & lit with the gold of the sun, also reflected in the water.On Golden Creek

Peace: Stevenson, Alabama: February 27, 2012

A lost glove on a gravel road, laying with all but the index & middle finger folded in.Peace

Twilight Moon: Stevenson, Alabama: February 23, 2012

Evening view over a creek, blue skies with some clouds in the distance filtering the last of the sun & a sliver of moon shines in the sky.  In the foreground are the silhouettes of a bench & some tree branches.Twilight Moon

Broken but Upright: Stevenson, Alabama: February 27, 2012

A bare tree broken from a tornado stands against the sunset over a creek with mountains in the background.Broken but Upright

This tree was damaged during the tornado that hit Stevenson during the April 27, 2011 outbreak.  It used to have friends but most of them are gone now:(  This is below the baseball fields, & from here it destroyed two ball fields, part of the park, & then a few homes as it made its way to us & went out.  Thankfully since we live on a hill it jumped us, because people just a few miles from us were not so lucky.  Several people as well as homes were lost in nearby towns & it is still a very difficult thing for me to talk about.  Easily the scariest day of my life.

Sittin’ on the Dock of the Creek: Stevenson, Alabama: Feb 27, 2011

Group of people sitting on the boat dock at the park looking over the water.Sittin’ on the Dock of the Creek

This is the boat dock at the Stevenson City Park & Mud Creek.  I have no idea who those people are, but they seem to be enjoying themselves.