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Shop Cats II: Stevenson, Alabama: Jul 31, 2013

2013-07-31 14.06.26Shop Cats II


Shop Cats: Stevenson, Alabama: July 31, 2013


2013-07-31 14.02.48Shop Cats

Ready to Go: Stevenson, Alabama: January 22, 2012

A white bucket truck parked in a field between jobs.Ready to Go

Big Wheel: Stevenson, Alabama: April 13, 2012

Large old industrial wheel of some sort, steam powered something or other from ye olden days?, painted red, white, & blue.  Seen in the background of a field of trees & yellow & white wildflowers.Big Wheel

This is a historical cabin & old wheel of some sort in the city park.  I wish I could remember their significance, but alas I do not & naturally there is nothing online about them.

Viadock View: Stevenson, Alabama; Jan 13, 2010

View of the railroad tracks from the viadock in Stevenson, Alabama.
Viadock View

This photo is from Winter 2010.  It was taken from the viadock and is the view of the railroad tracks going into town.

It is mostly untouched, but I did add a bit more light too it & cooled the tone down a hair.  It was taken with the camera on my cell phone I think.

Sequatchie Concrete: Stevenson, Alabama; Jan 21, 2011

Sequatchie Concrete facility in Stevenson, Alabama, winter 2011.
Sequatchie Concrete

Another untouched sunset photo.  I liked the golden hue of this one.  I was torn between this one & another one with the Sequatchie Concrete Service more in silhouette, so I posted the other one below.  It is also untouched.  There’s a lot of timing to good photos.

FYI: For those interested, the name comes from the name of the valley we are in, Sequatchie Valley.  As to the origin of the name, from History of Tennessee Land in the Sequatchie Valley, “The valley was named for the Cherokee Chief, Sequachee, who signed a treaty with the colonial government of South Carolina. Historians who have studied to language and lore of the Cherokee differ over the exact meaning of the word, but the general consensus is ‘opossum, he grins or runs.'” (more…)

Sequatchie Concrete: Stevenson, Alabama; Jan 21, 2011


The rusty, locked gates of Sequatchie Concrete in Stevenson, Alabama.
Locked Out

The rusty, locked gates of Sequatchie Concrete.  They run when needed for a local job.