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History in Miniature: Bridgeport, Alabama: January 19, 2013

FB_IMG_13586407357927133History in Miniature

Taken in the visitor’s center at Russell Cave National Park.  This display always fascinated me.  When I went as a kid I’d just stand in front of it staring.  I loved all the little people.


Till Tomorrow: Stevenson, Alabama: January 12, 2012

A ominous cloudy sky over a hay field with a rusty yellow tractor left sitting in it, taken from a distance.  There are some homes in the background.Till Tomorrow

Ready to Go: Stevenson, Alabama: January 22, 2012

A white bucket truck parked in a field between jobs.Ready to Go

Driving: Stevenson, Alabama: January 3, 2012

An early evening view through a windshield of pink & purple colored clouds in the sky over the silhouettes of trees, the road is visible in the corner.Driving