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The Off Season: Stevenson, Alabama: March 23, 2012

Empty football stands & announcer box at North Jackson High School.

The Off Season

Another evening springtime pick from the track around the football field at North Jackson High School.  Unedited & taken with my Samsung.


Spring in the Trees: Stevenson, Alabama: March 21, 2012

A tree full of white blossoms.Spring in the Trees

Here is a little reminder of Spring for these cold days heading into winter.  You can see the basketball court in the background.  Unedited, taken with my Samsung.

Lit From Behind: Stevenson, Alabama: March 1, 2012

Sunset silhouette of trees on the water.Lit From Behind

More trees!  Again these are at the Stevenson City Park on Mud Creek.  I love the golden light of the sunset.  Unedited & probably taken with my Samsung.

Little Fish: Stevenson, Alabama: March 28, 2012

A little boy fishing at the boat dock at the Stevenson City Park one evening.Little Fish

This was a little boy with the family from yesterday, who was off to himself fishing.

This was cropped & retouched to clean up some spots that looked like dirt on the camera or something.  Taken with my Samsung.

Happy Family: Stevenson, Alabama: March 28, 2012

A family enjoying an evening at the boat dock in Stevenson City Park.Happy Family

I saw this family spending some time at the boat dock at Stevenson City Park, & thought it made a nice shot.  It was a nice change of pace since I don’t do a lot of photos with people in them, not for this blog anyway.

This was cropped, straightened, & retouched to clean up some spots that looked like dirt on the camera or something.  Taken with my Samsung.

Gazebo in Silhouette: Stevenson, Alabama: March 1, 2012

Gazebo on Mud Creek at the Stevenson City Park boat dock surrounded by trees & silhouetted by the sunset.Gazebo in Silhouette

The gazebo at the Stevenson City Park at the boat dock.  Unedited.

Blue Bridge: South Pittsburg, Tennessee: March 15, 2012

Looking down the road at a blue bridge against a darkening cloudy sky.Blue Bridge

This bridge crosses the Tennessee River.  I tried to find a name for it, because in all my years I have never heard it called anything but “that bridge”.  I even looked online & all I can find is South Pittsburg Bridge.  When I was a kid & we had to go over this, my aunt always covered her eyes because she thought it was one of those bridges that opened & it scared her.

I cropped this one, & it was taken with my Samsung (because I was driving).

Baseball at Twilight: Stevenson, Alabama: March 14, 2012

A small town baseball game taking place at twilight with the lights on.Baseball at Twilight

I saw this baseball game as I was running by & thought it would make a nice slice of life shot.  This is the little ball field, I guess that would make it tee-ball.  Looking at it now I wish I had gotten closer, but the game was over by the time I finished my run.

It’s unedited & probably taken with my Samsung cell phone, since I don’t run with my regular camera.


Evening Catch: Stevenson, Alabama: March 19, 2011

Low sunset almost completely dropped behind the mountains.  The silhouette of a man fishing stands out against the water.Evening Catch

Sunset Creek: Stevenson, Alabama: March 18, 2011

A fiery sunset reflected in Mud Creek, setting behind the mountains in the background.Sunset Creek