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Butterfly Wing: Scottsboro, Alabama: May 17, 2014

Butterfly Wing

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The End of Your Rope: Bridgeport, Alabama: May 5, 2011

An index card taped to a wall with a quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt, "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot & hang on."The End of Your Rope

This note-card was hung up at the armory where the shelter/donation/assistance area was set-up after the April 27th tornadoes.

Big Mouth: Bridgeport, Alabama: May 14, 2011

Shot from inside Russell Cave facing out.Big Mouth

One more pic of Russell Cave.  This picture & Scars were both taken the day of Russell Cave’s 50th anniversary celebration of being a national monument.

Scars: Bridgeport, Alabama: May 14, 2011

A tree with initials carved in it.Scars

Another Russell Cave pic.  This is a tree along the nature trail.  I love trees.  In our youth, a friend of mine was a photog & I was a poet, & we used to talk about driving around taking pictures of trees & writing poems about them & putting it together in a book.

Laughing Hoop Dancer: Bridgeport, Alabama: May 1, 2010

Cherokee Hoop dancer laughing after his performanceLaughing Hoop Dancer

This picture was taken at Russell Cave‘s Native American Festival a couple of years ago.  It has always been my favorite.  He is a Cherokee hoop dancer who gave a demonstration.  It was a lot fun to watch.

The View: Stevenson, Alabama: May 19, 2012

view out a window to a tractor in a garden beyond some trees, mason jar in the foregroundThe View

A tractor & plow in a garden & plow outside an old kitchen window, unedited.

Tree Houses VI: Stevenson, Alabama: May 22, 2012

small white flowers draped with webs in a fieldTree Houses VI

I hate spiders & taking all these pictures was creepy.  That’s why I love these cute little flowers draped in webs.  It’s unedited.

Tree Houses V: Stevenson, Alabama: May 22, 2012

fence line of brush draped with numerous spiderwebs

Tree Houses V

I lied.  Since I had intended for red berries to go out today, but hit ‘publish’ instead of ‘schedule, I found a couple of more spiderweb pics I liked.  You’re welcome.

I touched up the lighting on this one, & I think that was it.

Tree Houses IV: Stevenson, Alabama: May 22, 2012

spiderweb hanging in front of a barbwire fenceTree Houses IV

Last of the spiderwebs, for posting anyway.  I took lots of them, but most of the others are attempts to capture rows of webs that just don’t read well.

The web is hard to see again, but the center is very visible.  I like that, plus the barbwire fence in the background.  I touched up the light in this & added a touch of soft focus on the web.  I wanted to push the focus to the web without losing the background.  Not entirely sure it was successful, but I still like the pic & the web is there.  The subtlety works though.  I really like this picture.

Tree Houses III: Stevenson, Alabama: May 22, 2012

wildflowers in a field draped in spiderwebsTree Houses III

Not a tree, but still part of the series.  Only a hint of touch up to the lighting on this one.