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Dead End: Stevenson, Alabama; Jan 21, 2011

dead end sign & other road signs on a country road in Stevenson, Alabama.
Dead End

Just one of the roads around here.  I think the appeal of this one for me is the way the colors of the signs pop against the drab winter background.  Sometimes the way they butcher trees for the power lines makes me sad:~/  I think one of those tree trimmers used to do my hair.


Out of Focus Study: Stevenson, Alabama; January 15, 2011


Shop Rite

county road sigh & utility pole/lines on the roadside, slightly blurry, during the snow of winter 2011 in Stevenson, Alabama.

Drive By

This is one of the pics I took while I was driving – very slowly of course, so it was rushed.  The movement & the lack of time for the camera to focus properly gave me this.  I think it looks kind of arty & cool.

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