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Hick’s Grocery: Stevenson, Alabama: July 23, 2012

An old, closed down, small neighborhood grocery with bars on the window & the windows broken out.Hick’s Grocery

I’m not sure when this store closed.  Maybe in the 90’s.  We used to stop here a lot when I was a kid.  I got a lot of banana Laffy Taffy & chocolate footballs there, along with the occasional Three Musketeers until I realized as much as I loved them they made me sick.  Once on the way to daycare my mom stopped here & bought a can of fruit cocktail for our snack.  I have no idea why, but that memory has always stuck in my head.  I must have been about 3yo.

Taken with my Canon & edited for light & color.


Door to Nowhere: Stevenson, Alabama: June 18, 2012

An old, white wooden door broken at the bottom in a red brick wall with an electric box nearby.Door to Nowhere

Another picture downtown.  Not much to say about it other than the door goes into a burned out building.  It’s on the side of the building I published Monday.

Taken with my Canon & edited for light & color.

Long View: Stevenson, Alabama: June 18, 2012

View down the sidewalk of downtown Stevenson, Alabama.Long View

A view down the sidewalk of the downtown Stevenson.  When I was a kid, mid-late 70’s, it was full & busy.  Now, most of the buildings are empty, or seem that way.  Some of them look like they have something in them, but not a shop or anything open to the public.  The first shop there is one of those.  Something is in there, but I don’t know what.  Next to that is a computer repair shop.  It used to be a photography studio until the owner died.  That’s where I had my senior pictures taken.  Next to that, where the Pepsi sign & washing machine are is a thrift store.  Up until some time in the 90’s it was a drug store with an ice cream counter in it.  I loved that place (for the ice cream, not the drugs).  My favorite flavor was butter pecan.  Later I came to appreciate orange sherbet, especially in a float with Sprite.  mmmmm.  In the summer when we lived near town, I used to roller skate there, get some ice cream, & sit in the gazebo across the street to eat it.

Taken with my Canon & edited to fix the lighting & color a bit.

Backside of the Street: Stevenson, Alabama: June 18, 2012

Backside of the some burned out, overgrown buildings in downtown Stevenson, Alabama.Backside of the Street

I’ve been doing a lot of nature & park pics lately, so I decided to do all pics around town this week.

This is the backside of a building downtown.  You can see it’s been burned out & let go.  I had walked through back there before but never paid any attention to it.  I knew there were apartments above the shops with steps from the sidewalk, but had never seen the back staircases.  I kind of wanted to go up there, but the stairway was rather narrow, plus the whole burned out, let go, & overgrown thing scared me.

It was taken with my Canon & I edited a little fixing the lighting & warming up the color.