Killing time in small town Alabama

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Till Tomorrow: Stevenson, Alabama: January 12, 2012

A ominous cloudy sky over a hay field with a rusty yellow tractor left sitting in it, taken from a distance.  There are some homes in the background.Till Tomorrow


Something New Broke This Time: Stevenson, Alabama: June 8, 2012

an old blue tractor parked in a hay field.Something New Broke This Time

Another day, another something broke on the tractor.  I can’t remember if this time it was the battery, the starter, a tire, or what.

The View: Stevenson, Alabama: May 19, 2012

view out a window to a tractor in a garden beyond some trees, mason jar in the foregroundThe View

A tractor & plow in a garden & plow outside an old kitchen window, unedited.