Killing time in small town Alabama

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I’m Still Here: Stevenson, Alabama: February 28, 2012

A yellow dandelion is poking out of a ground cover of fallen leaves.I’m Still Here


Wildflowers: Stevenson, Alabama: August 8, 2011

A stem with two small five petaled wildflowers with purple centers growing on the nature trail.Wildflowers

Groundhog: Stevenson, Alabama: April 13, 2012

A field of yellow & white wildflowers among the trees off the head of the nature trail at the park.  The old cabin is in the background behind the trees, & you can't just see my shadow in the single patch of sunlight.Groundhog

Off the Path: Stevenson, Alabama: April 13, 2012

Small yellow & white wild flowers growing among the trees at the head of the park nature trail.Off the Path