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History in Miniature: Bridgeport, Alabama: January 19, 2013

FB_IMG_13586407357927133History in Miniature

Taken in the visitor’s center at Russell Cave National Park.  This display always fascinated me.  When I went as a kid I’d just stand in front of it staring.  I loved all the little people.


Orange Cream Cupcake: Stevenson, Alabama: December 10, 2011

It's a cupcake!Orange Cream Cupcake

I found this picture of a cupcake I took at the grand opening of a now defunct bakery in town.  I thought it was fun & something a little different here.  Unedited & taken with my Samsung.

Skyward: Stevenson, Alabama: March 16, 2011

Skeletong trees on the bank of Mud Creek at Stevenson City Park.  It is a late winter afternoon, the sun is shining behind dimly behind the clouds washing thetm out, giving the water a faint golden tint, & leaving the trees in silhouette.Skyward

This is another shot of a picture I used recently.  The subject is the same, but the light is whiter, bleaker.  Friends have been atwitter about Halloween coming up, so this felt very apropos for that.  I this was taken with my Canon at the Stevenson City Park, & is unedited.

Till Tomorrow: Stevenson, Alabama: January 12, 2012

A ominous cloudy sky over a hay field with a rusty yellow tractor left sitting in it, taken from a distance.  There are some homes in the background.Till Tomorrow

Evening Colors: Stevenson, Alabama: February 27, 2012

A cloudy sky full of sunset colors reflected in Mud Creek.  Mountains the background with the silhouettes of a sign & pipe in the foreground.Evening Colors

Fight Back: Stevenson, Alabama: February 27, 2012

A setting sun shining over Mud Creek with dark clouds closing in from the top right corner.Fighting Back

I’m Still Here: Stevenson, Alabama: February 28, 2012

A yellow dandelion is poking out of a ground cover of fallen leaves.I’m Still Here

Now Casting: Stevenson, Alabama: February 27, 2012

An evening sky with mountains the background of Mud Creek.  Two men are fishing from the boat dock.Now Casting

On Golden Creek: Stevenson, Alabama: February 27, 2012

Evening sky with the sun setting just over the tops of some mountains behind Mud Creek.  The sky is cloudy & lit with the gold of the sun, also reflected in the water.On Golden Creek

Ready to Go: Stevenson, Alabama: January 22, 2012

A white bucket truck parked in a field between jobs.Ready to Go